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Tinnitus Relief by Lifestyle

Having consulted the doctor and been told that there are no physical reasons for your symptoms of tinnitus the search begins for a tinnitus cure or a route to at least some form of tinnitus relief. There is no one certain cure for tinnitus. There are tinnitus treatments that work well for some people but do nothing for others. In the same way there are things that cause or intensify the sounds of tinnitus for one person that have no effect on another.Tinnitus Relief by Lifestyle. Visual.

A good starting point for everyone is to look at obtaining some tinnitus relief by lifestyle change. It is well worth taking a look inwardly from an overall health point of view. Nobody needs telling that excesses of many things have severe knock on effects on our health. This includes smoking, alcohol, caffeine and sugars as well as a lack of exercise.
Although experts cannot actually link the onset of tinnitus to smoking most are agreed that smoking probably does intensify existing symptoms. The added benefit of an overall improvement in health by stopping or reducing smoking will also have a positive effect on the sounds of tinnitus experienced. It has to be accepted though that for some people the act of giving up smoking may prove harder to come to terms with than the nuisance of living with the symptoms of tinnitus. There is a choice to make.

Similarly the consumption of caffeine taken in drinking tea, coffee and some colas is often thought to promote tinnitus. With most of us consuming these drinks from the time we get up in the morning through to last thing at night many of us probably overdose on caffeine! Therapists will certainly initially advocate a total dismissal of caffeinated drinks from the diet. However if given time no discernable tinnitus relief is experienced then these drinks taken in moderation are fine.

Alcohol too is thought to worsen the condition for most people although others find that an occasional drink has the reverse effect and improves matters. It is a case again of moderation in all things, alcohol included. It makes sense though to abstain for a period to ascertain whether any positive effects on the symptoms of tinnitus are felt as a result.

Foods containing cocoa the primary constituent of chocolate also contain caffeine and are to be avoided. Anything likely to raise cholesterol levels can impact on your tinnitus. So this will include all foods high in saturated fats. Other possible candidates for exclusion are foods high in sugar or salt levels.

To summarise what I am saying here. Tinnitus has no specific cause. There have been a sufficient number of cases where there has proven to be a link between the consumption of certain foods to symptoms of tinnitus for the link to be taken seriously. Any one of the products talked about here could be a contributing factor in a person’s tinnitus. Perhaps none of them are. But it is worth taking the time to eliminate them one by one if an allergy or reaction could thereby be identified. Ultimate tinnitus liberation is likely to come only from a journey of experiment, trial and error.

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